Oakton Music Studio is equipped with two Steinway Model B pianos (years 1911 and 1924), an Allen Electronic Classical Organ (2 manual Protégé), and a Neupert Double 8+8+4 (Hemsch) harpsichord. The live acoustic of the teaching studio provides a pleasing environment for learning, performing and recording. The two Steinway B pianos offer a traditional New York Steinway action or a German Renner action, depending on a piano student's abilities and preferences. The live acoustic of the main studio space encourages singers and instrumentalists by helping them hear in a generous environment. Recordings of performances for instructional or audition purposes are supported by a complete recording studio suite which includes ProTools, Sibelius, Sonar, and professional microphones and monitor speakers.

The studio is conveniently located in Oakton, Virginia, near interstate 66 exit #60. A comfortable waiting area with free WIFI is provided for parents and visitors.