Reviews and Endorsement

As a student of piano, both as a child and an adult, and having worked closely with professional musicians over the years as an independent filmmaker, I  can think of no instructor I would recommend more than Steve Benson. He is truly an exemplary teacher. During my childhood, I studied piano under Steve and vividly remember the intensity of his instruction. At the same time, however, I fondly recall the fun he was able to infuse with the piano, especially as pieces took shape in my mind and the resulting confidence that grew out of them. This balance, of course, was not fully realized until I looked back years later and realized not only Steve's innate musical talent, but his ability to communicate it with enthusiasm.

- Chris W.


Steve is an excellent musician with the ability to play many styles of music extremely well on the organ and the piano. I was especially appreciative of the high quality of his work because as a teenager I played the organ for church services in my home town, was a soloist in the choir, and took 12 years of piano lessons. Steve was a consummate professional in the quality of his work.

- Sheila B.


Steve is an exceptionally talented musician, both as an organist and a pianist. His beautifully varied accompaniment of hymns and the way he both supported and led the singing of the liturgy has been widely appreciated. Steve is a professional and always gives his very best.

- Renata E.


Steve proved to be a very talented keyboard musician, whether at the organ or the piano, and he has a very nice sense of which of those two instruments is more appropriate for a particular piece. Steve is a gifted teacher of singing technique. He worked patiently and persistently with me. Steve taught me a whole new way of breathing while singing, and of envisioning how the human voice produces song, that I believe has made me a much better singer.

- David B.


Steve was able to begin a children's choir and worked with the members each Sunday... In addition to having the children learn songs, ... he taught them music fundamentals, and their parents have been very grateful for his efforts.

- Lloyd S.