Voice lessons for beginning voice students emphasize the following:

     - Learning how to breathe using the diaphragm (diaphragmatic breathing)

     - Learning how to properly form pure vowel sounds and dipthongs

     - Placement of the voice to achieve optimal balance of resonance and tone

     - Exercises to increase the range of the voice

     - Learning to correctly read the musical score (especially important for soloists and chorus singers)


Vocal coaching and accompaniment for experienced singers:

     - Whether you are a choral singer in a church, community or semi-professional choir or a seasoned professional soloist, an "extra pair of ears" can always be of help in fine tuning your performance of a song or choral part. 

     - Choral singers can find particular benefit in learning to correctly prepare their part by being helped with interpreting the numerous musical instructions of a score. Practice sessions for those who need additional help learning their part are often a way to gain confidence as a singer -- whether as soloist or chorister.

     - Soloists often need a set of trained ears to polish their interpretaion and delivery of a song. While the instrument (the voice) may excel in beauty, singers often will benefit from discovering nuances of the score that have gone untended.

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