Why should a person learn to play the piano or take voice lessons?

     Learning to play the piano involves multiple neuro-muscular skill sets simultaneously.  The study of piano playing has been proven to provide numerous psychological and brain-development benefits that no other field of study can produce. Singing (especially when learned as a child) will provide a lifetime of benefits -- both musically and physically. Children who learn to correctly match pitches and intervals with their voices or at a keyboard have a built-in advantage as they proceed with their later musical instruction. See this page for a list of informative articles about the many benefits of studying music.

How long are the lessons?

     Beginners under the age of 7 years may have 30 minute lessons once or twice each week.  Older students may take lessons lasting 45 minutes or one hour. Bi-weekly lessons are available for adults with busy schedules.

- How much do private lessons cost?

     The fee for private lessons is discussed during a free in-person consultation/interview in the studio. 

- Do I have to sign a contract to take lessons?

     A contract is not required for music lessons. 

- Where do I get the music I will need for my lessons?

     Students may purchase the textbooks and music needed for their lessons through local music stores or online.

- What happens if I have to miss a lesson?

     Missed lessons may be made-up when scheduling permits. Students are not charged for missed lessons for reasonable cause.